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Division 5 includes:

Hamlet of Benalto





Hamlet of Dickson

Glennifer Lake Resort

Happy Hill



Hamlet of Markerville

New Hill


Hamlet of Spruce View


Division 5 Red Deer County
 Area covered by the Division 5 Recreation and Culture Board
 (Red Deer County west of Highway 781 and north of Red Deer River)

Each board is given a budget by the county and has the responsibility to provide access for residents of the division to recreational and cultural opportunities in whatever way each board sees fit. Some boards create opportunities while others fund proposals from individuals or community groups.
The Division 5 board is primarily a funding board. The board consists of community members who volunteer their time to review and approve applications for Recreation and Culture events and activities that are designed to strengthen a sense of community, build stronger families and promote health.

We are interested in hearing from organizations, groups and individuals of any age in Division 5 that would like to apply for funding of Recreational or Cultural activities in their communities.





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